Food Photography – I’m That Girl

wine can
Unicorn Bar & Underwood Wine [Seattle, WA]
Mas Tacos Por Favor [Nashville, TN]
Velveeta Queso at the Levee [Brooklyn, NY]
Pizza Loves Emily [Brooklyn, NY]
Cheese n Wine [Queens, NY]
Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana [New Haven, CT]
The Baroness [Long Island City, NY]
Kappacasein, Borough Market [London, UK]
Best Kebab [London, UK]
Franco Manca [London, UK]
East London Liquor Company [London, UK]
Bluelight Speak Cheesy at BUDIN [Brooklyn, NY]
Takumen [Long Island City, NY]
Homemade National Taco Day [Brooklyn, NY]
Moe’s Dough [Brooklyn, NY]
Bluelight Speak Cheesy at BUDIN [Brooklyn, NY]
Homemade Fermentation [Brooklyn, NY]
Cheeseboat [Brookyn, NY]
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