You Can Always Go Home Again

Oh, the end of the semester.  Papers, finals, piles upon piles of stress.  Hence why there have been no posts.  But no worries, I am home for the summer with lots of free time!

The 2 day 1,492 (give or take) mile drive was completely worth it.  Crossing over that Texas borderline gave me chills and maybe a little bit of a lead foot as well.  Luckily, no tickets so far.  Knock on wood.

Every time I get back to Texas, there is the biggest feeling of relief.  I know its a strange thing to say, seeing as this is a travel blog.  But one of the things I love so much about traveling is the thrill of coming home.  It always seems at least slightly new.  Just small things like a new water tower, or the town hall being moved.

And of course, it gives me the option to change a few things about myself as well.  While attending school in Pennsylvania, I do not get my hair done, as my sister is my stylist.  So coming home means getting a hair cut.  And a little bit more!

I decided to go blonde.  I’ve done this once before, sort of.  Right before I ventured to Australia, I decided I wanted to be a blonde beach babe.  But seeing as I’m a natural brunette and would not be able to get touch ups for five months, it ended up being a dirty blonde.  Not this time.

This time my sister and I decided on super blonde!  I was shocked the first time I looked in the mirror.  Never in my life has my hair been this light.  And, as much as I’ve always thought  brunettes were better than blondes in every way, I have to admit, I love the blonde.

So I guess its time to see.  Are travels more fun blonde?