Tex-Mex Madness

Texas is the best place on Earth.  Not just the best state, the best place ever.

The main reason I love my home state is the same reason I love any place I travel. The food.  No matter what kind of food you’re craving, Texas has something to offer.  But my personal favorite is the Mexican food, or should I say Tex-Mex.

For anyone who’s been to Mexico, you are missing out on what is only a few miles north.  The Tex-Mex cuisine creates the most tantalizing tastes that will ever touch your tongue.  This specialized zest is captured by combining about five ingredients and tons of spices into an endless variety of dishes. Whether its tacos, fajitas, or the scrumptious chicken quesadillas shown above, you can find it in Texas.

I search high and low for good Tex-Mex in each country I visit, but nothing has come close to the food I grew up with. Chuy’s, Mexi-Go, On the Border, Chipotle offer some of the best Tex-Mex in Texas. Or if you happen to be in London and need a fix, stop by the Texas Embassy.

But if you’re just traveling around the United States the best part is you don’t need a passport to get it.


4 thoughts on “Tex-Mex Madness

  1. After my own heart – we are on the same page. So much so that my fledgling blog deals with Mexican food and only Mexican food. Based in Austin,I will open up and deal with Interior and SW cusinie at some point, but the ‘Tex-Mex Initiative’ is primarily about Tex-Mex.

    Bon appetit! Stop by and say ‘Howdy!’ sometime.

    1. Haha, my blog is quite a baby itself! But you can definitely expect to hear about Mexican food quite often, although mine is mainly about travel! I am planning on going down to Austin later this summer, have any suggestions on the best Tex-Mex to get while I’m there?

      1. I will integrate a little travel and a little music from time to time, but Mexican food will always be there.

        Boy, your choices are many when you come visit. You can’t miss with Chuys but a new one I finally tried is Angie’s on 7th street – their home-made corn tortillas are like skinny pancakes. I tried the Carnitas Taco Plate (not the carnitas plate) and it was awesome!

        Habanero’s on Oltorf is great but they have kinda weird hours so plan accordingly.

        There’s Baby Acapulco’s if you’re mission is frozen ‘ritas – the food’s not bad either.

        For ‘interior’ stuff, everybody here loves Fonda San Miguel – I love it too, but it’s just a bit pricey. When you walk in, you feel like you’ve stepped itno a hacienda in Mexico city and that’s partly what you’re paying for.

        Taquerias are generally really good – Aranda’s has maybe 5 locations around town and the food’s great.

        Chipotle is a large chain and when traveling, I skip those – consistant quality though.

        Geez, don’t get me started…’sorry for the length of this but it’s a subject I love.

        Stay in touch!

      2. Sorry, it has been so long since I replied! We have a Chuy’s here in Plano and I love it! I haven’t been to any of the others besides Chipotle (which is my go to on the East Coast where there aren’t many options!). I’m coming down to Austin in the beginning of August for my friend’s 21st and we will definitely be hitting up as many of these as possible! Thanks for the suggestions!

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