Julia Vasinda

Global Citizen. MBA. Digital Nomad. Certified Scrum Master.


A global citizen, I spend my time working, researching, writing, eating & drinking my way around the world.

Work: Boston, Dallas, London, Brooklyn, Portland [when I’m not working remotely]

Study: Philadelphia, Brisbane, Florence, London, Bangkok

Research: Philadelphia, London, Bangkok

Dine: Mexico, Canada, Spain, Australia, Fiji, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Switzerland, England, Wales, the Netherlands, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, France, Malta, Turkey, Morocco, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Bermuda, Panama, Ecuador, Haiti, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Taiwan, South Korea, and of course the USA

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